Kenny Vaughn

Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives

"When i head out the door for a gig, or session I usually grab one of my Doc Fisher Guitars"

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Brian Franklin

Kenny Rogers/Alan Jackson



   Frank Fisher is the only guy I've heard of that has a systematic way of sonically matching necks with bodies. He's a very patient tweaker who's actually found a formula he uses, to tune the parts so they resonate together. Many of his methods are outside the box and secret but, the inspiration and motivation is always on achieving classic vintage tone, which is what I like." 


Bill Kirchen

Legendary Guitarist With Commander Cody

“Here’s Redd and me rocking our pair of fine Fishers...Like butter!”

               -Bill Kirchen

Redd Volkaert


 Johnny    Young

                  Nashville Recording Artist

"I must've played a million Telecasters before being introduced to these awesome instruments, and I gotta say, the guitars simply ROCK!

Detailed craftsmanship, excellent tone woods, and superior components make these Doc Fisher Guitars an absolute standout among the rest...Get one!"