Build Options

Base price is $2,000. This gets you a premium quality T-style guitar with an array of options from which to choose.

The Body

The voice of a solid body electric guitar lives in the wood of the body. Various species of wood each have their own distinctive sonic characteristics. Swamp ash and alder are the usual go to items. Redwood burl has emerged as an intriguing newcomer with its own distinctive tonality.


Beyond selecting of a species of wood it is crucial to know how various weights of each species behave in a guitar. It is also important to understand how the grain pattern of an individual board influences the tone of a guitar. This knowledge is applied in the construction of every "doc" Fisher guitar.


The Neck

Maple is the traditional wood for the neck of a T-style guitar. It comes in 3 basic varieties. Straight grain (no figuring), birdseye, and flamed. Each have their individual sonic characteristics. The neck back profile of each "doc" Fisher guitar is shaped to fit the individual player's hand.



The most critical element of a T-style build is matching the neck to the body. The resonances of each piece of wood in a "doc" Fisher guitar are matched for compatibility. This produces a lively instrument that sustains forever.



Doc Fisher spent years developing his own pickup designs to bring out the voices of his instruments. 


Matching pickups to individual guitars is an art and a science. The sweet spot for each instrument is small. Outputs levels of "doc" Fisher pickups are individually calibrated to within 1% tolerances. This means that out of 10,000 turns of wire on a single pickup, 100 turns more or less is enough to move an instrument in or out of the window where optimal tone is found. This aspect of the build is accomplished through trial and error during every build.