Humboldt County, CA, USA

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About Doc Fisher

Frank "doc" Fisher  practices medicine and builds guitars in the small town of Rio Dell tucked away in the hills of far northern California. Contact me to discuss the build of your next guitar.


The working musician needs a guitar that gives him his tone and plays easy. "Doc" Fisher T-style guitars are hand built custom instruments fashioned one at a time for the discerning player. Onstage these instruments become one with the performer and allow the music to flow effortlessly. 

The best solid body guitars from the 1950's are lucky accidents that occasionally rolled off the assembly line, sounding for some mysterious reason way better than the others. "Doc" Fisher guitars replicate those fine tonal qualities in every build. 


The unique sound and performance of "Doc" Fisher guitars are the result of many years of experimentation with materials and builds, in collaboration with accomplished players. Working together, we "cracked the code" for vintage guitar tone.

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